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Lawrence S.

Relationship: Client

Project Date: January 2012

Project Price Range: $1,000 - $9,999

We have used AB Landscaping for over five years for jobs both large and small. They have always done what they have said they would and have proved totally reliable. Approximate project date below is around the time they started. We used this this winter and will continue this spring and fall. We use them year round for maintenance projects and have used them for a major driveway renovation.

Marlene W.

Relationship: Client

Project Date: October 2016

Project Price: less than $1,000

Adam Brammer did a boulder retaining wall for me at my house in Sharon, CT. It was much more than I ever expected! He and his men were wonderful! His price was more than reasonable and the work exceptional. I've had friends from out of town come and visit and they could not believe the work he did! They matched the rocks around my property and made sure that all of them were placed in a decorative manner. I would totally recommend him for any type of landscaping. He even gave me ideas for plantings in and around the rocks. He is a hard worker and gets the project done on time!


Relationship: Client

Project Date: April 2016

We have been working with AB for over 15 years and they have provided outstanding and reasonable landscaping services for our home. They have a great team that is able to solve virtually all of our outdoor needs.

Jorie G.

Relationship: Client

Project Date: January 2016

Project Price Range: more than $100,000

Adam Brammer and his amazing AB Landscaping team have worked for for me and my family for just about 10 years. They are extraordinary in every way--gifted, punctual, so deeply knowlegeable in so many fields I sometimes forget I cannot ask them to do everything! They care for our grounds on a year round basis--mowing, mulching, fertilizing, planting, caring for trees. They have designed our grounds, uprooted trees, created lawn, created roads, cleared woods, planted more than 40 trees for me, guided me with selection and placement. They have built stone patios, stone walls--so incredibly beautifully done that everyone asks me for their name. They have built long retaining walls, fences to keep out deer, and dug through more ground than I can say to install generators, propane tanks, fix inclines, create decks. I pay them for a year round service, so their crew also do general maintenance. I have had many houses in NY and MA , I have lived all over the country,and I am writing because this is by far the best company, the best group of people, I have ever worked with in 35 years of experience building and rebuilding homes for myself and maintaining them. Adam himself is the most talented, kind, brilliant, generous, attentive, inventive and careful person I have ever worked with. I trust him completely. If there are any renovations of any kind on my house, I ask Adam to informally supervise everything--because he is beyond honest and truthful.Their business is very reasonable, I might add--they constantly work on all sorts of extra and unexpected tasks and never charge extra. I cannot recommend them enough. If there were more people like them this would be a different world. And as I am often asked for their name, I should add that everyone I send them to thanks me profusely.